Sick and tired of having to deal with the smell of stinky cat poo in your house? Can’t seem to find anywhere to “hide” the reeking, unsightly litter box? (Hint: In the corner of the bathroom is gross. That room smells bad enough already, and that “air freshener” you bought does not work. And for the love of all that is holy, never put a litter box in the kitchen or bedroom.) I have the solution! This Giant Outdoor Litter Box is actually made with a special material* that powerfully attracts cats, beckoning them to do their business outside, as nature intended. Don’t have a cat? Not a problem! Every squirrel, rabbit, skunk and possum in the neighborhood will delight in defecating in your new GOLB, so it’s a still a sound investment. If you’ve never been invited to any of the neighborhood barbecues, this could be a turnaround point for you. Forget about a good, solid fence; nothing says “good neighbor” like personally assuming responsibility for every turd in a 2-mile radius. Trust me.

Note: Filling your Giant Outdoor Litter Box with actual litter would not only be costly, it is also totally unnecessary. You can simply fill your GOLB with ordinary “sand box sand” you can get at any hardware store. It’s a lot cheaper and animals actually prefer it to real litter*. Another note: The only drawback of the GOLB is if you have children, they may think this is a sandbox and want to play in it. Obviously, this is not healthy or smart. For that reason, do not “decorate” your GOLB with pails, shovels or other sand toys, as this can confuse your children. This is not a toy. Free to good home! Pick-up only. Email me to arrange.

*These statements are not scientifically proven, nor does the product literature that comes with either product make such a claim—but I speak from experience here.