Okay, ladies. I am working on my next book and am looking for (mostly) happily married women to weigh in! Here’s the idea: You have this husband that you love… but surely there is one thing (or two or three million) that he does that drives you insane. The point of is that even though he does this heinous/annoying/disgusting/oafish thing, you still love him.

Please do not tell me why you left that rotten jerk of an ex-husband, or why you are cheating on the one you are still married to. I am trying to compile a list of the sorts of COMPLETELY MADDENING HABITS/QUIRKS/CHARACTER TRAITS that women are indeed willing to live with.The funnier and more random/unusual/quirky,the better (in my opinion).

I will be listing first names (of the women, not their lovable hubbies) only; please indicate whether I can use your real first name or if you would prefer a pseudonym.

You can post here or email me directly at jenna@tzr.607.myftpupload.com if you prefer a little privacy. Thanks for your input!