Jenna McCarthy

Author. Speaker. Relationship Expert.

Jenna McCarthy is the author of more than a dozen
funny books for kids and adults, as well as a popular
keynote speaker at events across the country.
Haven’t seen her TED talk? What’s wrong with you?

“A first-rate storyteller.” ~Jane Heller, NYT bestselling author

“Blunt, truthful and dead-on hilarious.” ~Jen Lancaster, NYT bestselling author

“At once profane, irreverent, warm and wise… Brilliant!” ~Celia Rivenbark, NYT bestselling author

“An amazingly gifted chronicler of modern life.” ~W. Bruce Camerom, NYT bestselling author

“Clever and irreverent.” ~Janet Evanovich, NYT bestselling author

“A laugh-out-loud ride!” ~Jill Smokler, NYT bestseller