Remember that old Far Side cartoon, the one with the guy talking to his dog? Under the first picture is the caption WHAT YOU SAY TO YOUR DOG, and the copy-bubble coming out of the guy’s mouth reads something like this (and I am totally paraphrasing here so please don’t send me a nasty note with the actual, verbatim copy, even if you happen to be Gary Larson; it’s not that important): “Okay buddy, who’s hungry? You hungry, boy? You want to eat? I got your delicious food right here. That’s right! I’m just going to get you a bowl and serve it right up, and maybe after you eat we’ll go for a nice walk…” Under the next picture, which is identical to the first there’s the caption WHAT YOUR DOG HEARS; that copy-bubble has this inside it: “Blah, blah, blah, blah, FOOD, blah, blah, blah, blah, WALK…” Now I’m not calling my husband a dog exactly, but seriously, we seem to have a hell of a time exchanging even the most basic information on a daily basis. I’ll tell him I’m going somewhere and thirty minutes later he’s frantically calling my cell phone, demanding where I am. (Hello? I just told you, dear.) He’ll swears he told me about his 7 a.m. meeting and I’d bet the dog’s life he didn’t. I’ll excitedly tell him some deliciously juicy bit of gossip and he’ll say, “Oh, I knew that already.” (You did? And you didn’t tell me? What the hell is wrong with you?) Is it just me? Can some men and women effectively communicate? If not, it would make me feel infinitely better if you would please detail the many ways your husband drives you conversationally nuts.