Yesterday I saw a Facebook post that said “ear plugs at a Sting concert… I am officially old.”

For my next book, please finish this sentence: I knew I was middle-age when…

Here are some of the awesome Facebook responses I’ve gotten so far:

When I was at a major league baseball game and all of the stats for the players placed me in elementary or middle school when they were born.

I had to google ‘twerking’… DON’T DO IT!

I switched to classical music. (I used to be a metal and alternative fan as a teen.) Complete 180!

I was telling my husband a story “…then this middle aged woman” and he stopped me cold by saying “Hon, YOU are a middle aged woman.” Ugh.

A kid I use to babysit when she was in diapers became a mom for the 2nd time.

My boobs touched my belly button.

I had a long gray hair growing out of my chin that appeared overnight.

I was waiting at the pharmacy for a prescription and an old guy came up to the counter. The pharmacist asked his birthday and it wasn’t too far from mine…

The doctor treating my daughter was cute, pregnant with her first, wearing heels and had no wrinkles-clearly younger than me.

When I realized I could tell it was going to rain because my knees ached.

When my son was in kindergarten, and one of his little girl friends asked if I was his grandma.

I had to increase the font size on my iphone…

Invited to a wedding…as friends of the parents!

When I seriously started thinking now is the time for a knee replacement!

I’m trying to think but nothing happens.…Hey I guess that is one.

I started a comb over with the hair growing out of my ear.

I follow Angie Millers Mother on twitter – but not Angie.

A black hair constantly taunts me on my chin.

I’m carding people (to drink) who were born AFTER I graduated from high school.

When I had to break down and buy reading glasses. And Depends. *sigh*

Yesterday. When I saw Mary Lou Retton in an ad for Depends underwear. WTF?

When I say that old guy & know he is my age.

More than one margarita in an hour gave me a headache!