The reporter had this to say about me/my book in this week’s Independent:

From “National Geographic boobs” to the first post-birth bowel movement, Santa Barbara author Jenna McCarthy lays out, in no uncertain terms, what you really might expect when you’re expecting in her new book, The Parent Trip. Sure, there are other books out there that can illuminate the science, telling you when the mini-person within is likely to start sprouting a brain or when your belly button might pop from an innie to an outie, but, let’s be honest, who cares? For McCarthy, the real question was: What is my life going to look like once this chapter is over, and the rest of my life begins?

After reading pregnancy book upon pregnancy book, McCarthy found that question remained stubbornly unanswered. “When you’re pregnant,” McCarthy said, “you go out and buy every single book; you have this stack of books on your nightstand, but there was nothing that was preparing me for anything even remotely resembling what my life was going to look like. I just wanted to know what was really going to happen.” And so, after scoring some positive feedback in response to the pregnancy diary she’d been writing for Fit Pregnancy magazine, McCarthy set out to tell us all what really is going to happen, in her inimitable, the-whole-truth-and-nothing-but-the-scary/ugly/hilarious-truth kind of way.

You can read the rest of Shannon’s blush-worthy article right here.

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