AUTHOR’S NOTE: In an earlier version of this post, my analysis was incorrect. This has now been rectified. I got several surprisingly nasty notes letting me know what a terrible person I am for being human, so I will try never to do that again. A stranger accused me of getting so excited about a GOTCHA that I lost my ability to think critically. This person is 100% correct! I was and I did! And I still am!!! (#SorryNotSorry ) The corrected analysis is below. The original sentiment stands. The whole thing still reeks of GOTCHA to me, but maybe I’m mistaken again. I’m sure you’ll let me know

Every depressing day I see social media posts by people I know—smart people, educated people, people I love and don’t want to suffer or die—bragging about their vaccine status and now, boasting that they’ve been boosted.

They slap that little “GOT MY SHOT!” frame on their profile photos, which is as catchy as it is self-congratulatory, and certainly more practical from a space-saving perspective than, “GOT MY FOURTH DOSE OF EXPERIMENTAL GENE THERAPY THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO KEEP ME HEALTHY AND PROTECT MY WHOLE COMMUNITY BUT ACTUALLY DOESN’T DO EITHER SO I’M JUST GOING TO KEEP GETTING IT!”

Don’t they realize that these shots can maim or even kill them?

Apparently, they do not. And in their collective, clueless defense, how could they? They’ve already unfriended any former friends (hi!) who were wantonly spreading that dangerous “disinformation,” so most of us (hi!) are out here barking into an echo chamber. Their trusted doctors enthusiastically encourage inoculation, because vaccines are big business and because they could lose their license to practice medicine if they don’t. The mainstream news continues to tell them what they want to hear (“safe and effective!”) while burying the ever-mounting shit-heap of evidence to the contrary.

Case in point: Recently, a group called Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request demanding the immediate release of the 329,000 pages of data that relate to the FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine.

It seemed like a fair enough ask: Please show us exactly how you came to that “safe and effective” conclusion. You know, the one you’ve been spouting since day one of the rollout (even though there was zero long-term data on either)? The one you’ve used to continually lower the age of injectability down to unborn fetuses (even though women are routinely instructed to avoid sushi and raw sprouts when they’re expecting, but a mysterious chemical cocktail that may or may not alter your DNA gets the unequivocal green light)? The one folks are being forced to take against their will should they wish to work, travel, dine indoors, see Adele in person or snowboard in Vail?

We’d like to see that information, please.

Unfortunately, the attorneys representing the FDA explained, coughing up that data would require them to process 80,000 pages a month, a task that would simply be impossible.

(This is the same info that they allegedly managed to “review” in about five minutes in order to approve first deadly doses for kids and unlimited boosters for all, mind you. But clearly impossible.)

Rather than force such a tedious task on the very busy FDA (“You’re not a horse” didn’t write itself, you know), their clever attorneys asked the judge to allow them to release 500 pages a month, a slick move that would result in the full trial figures being made public in the year 2076, a mere fifty-five years and 660 data dumps away.

I can’t think of a more exciting way to celebrate my 107th birthday!

A motion has been filed to speed that shit up, but in the meantime the first 500-page batch has dropped, and at the risk of hyperbolizing, it’s a proverbial bombshell.

Take a moment to digest this chart, featuring a breakdown of the results of the 42,086 adverse reactions reported during the “reporting interval,” which was less than three months long.

You’ll notice that the very best-case category, dubbed recovered/recovering, is a bit oxymoronic. (If they’re recovering, doesn’t that mean they haven’t quite recovered? Which is it? Yes! It’s one or the other, okay?) Regardless, that means that just under half of all the jab-injured were either fine or not fine at the three-month mark. Helpful! Another 11,361 were definitely not fine, as they “had not recovered at the time of the report.” Just suffering some long-term side-effects, NBD.

Oh, and by the way, 1,223 vaccine recipients died shortly after being poked.

You read that right. One thousand, two hundred twenty-three people who got the Pfizer jab died in the first three months of the program. Mind you, previous “vaccine” rollouts have been scrapped after twenty-five deaths. But onward! 

Also worth noting is the fact that the outcome of 9,400 injured recipients is listed as unknown.

       Everyone on the planet: “What happened to nearly a quarter of the people who were injured by your safe-and-effective drug in the first three months of administration?”
       Pfizer: “Yeah, we don’t know.”

Folks like to flip out any time we “conspiracy theorists” bring up VAERS (“Correlation does not equal causation! Anyone can file a report!”), but this is Pfizer’s own data.

       Pfizer: “Shit, more than a thousand people have died in less than three months after taking our shots.”
       Half the planet: “Can’t wait to get my eleventeenth booster!”

If you search for this information online, you’ll notice that shockingly, not a single legacy media network covered the Pfizer trial data release. Not one.

       Cub reporter: “Boss! Did you hear people are dropping dead after taking the Pfizer jab? But they’re still mandating it? And giving it to kids, who aren’t even at risk of COVID? This is HUGE NEWS! Can I break it? Please?”
       News director: “Maybe next month. Right now, I’m gonna need you to cover that psychopath who was breastfeeding her cat on a flight from Syracuse to Atlanta.”

There were lots of other reactions besides death, of course. You can find a link to the debut data dump here. I want everyone to have this information, because how can you have “informed consent” without it? But folks certainly won’t see it on mainstream news and they probably won’t hear it from me, seeing as lots of them have blocked or unfriended me (for trying to save their lives, call me a little bitter).

Maybe you could share?