But seriously! Each show has it’s own fun quirks… Click here to hear me bash Khloe Kardashian in the first ten seconds of the interview! This one was on TRN’s Now It’s the News (which a friend pointed out looks a lot like NO WITS THE NEWS, which wouldn’t be a great name for a radio show, IMHO).

You also can hear me chatting with my old friend Matt and his partner Ben (NOTE: Ben is his radio partner, not his life partner, not that there would be anything wrong with that). Ben and Matt are hi-freaking-larious and I appreciate the airtime on KNIX. Plus I’m a closet country-music fan, so that was cool.

Ben and Matt with Jenna McCarthy 10-3-11

Still working on posting other clips. I’m a little a lot tech-challenged, so thanks in advance for your patience.