You know how when you go away, even if it’s somewhere magical, after about a week you sort of can’t wait to get home?

Yeah, that totally didn’t happen. I did NOT want to leave New York.


But I had to so I did, and now I’m busily trying to gather clips of the week’s media blitz. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

In case you missed it, the week started with a WTF moment I got to share with Khloe Kardashian on the TODAY show. If you recall, I was there to talk about how I wrote this book that all women can relate to because, you know, all guys are the same. Khloe kept it super-real by offering up her own story of marital hell, one that involved sleep-eating, chocolate-drooling and custom sheets. You can watch the whole train wreck here. (The blue eye shadow was not my idea.)

Right after the show, I taped an interview with Ben and Matt of KNIX radio in Phoenix. Matt was my old radio partner in another lifetime (and his producer J-Nuts was our producer back then too) and chatting with him was a fun blast from my own distant past. J-Nuts was kind enough to send me a clip, which apparently was the size of Arizona itself and caused my email server to crash so I had to delete it. I am working on getting another copy.

After a confusing interview with Mancow Muller (I am pretty sure he thought I was that other McCarthy), I had a lovely and lively chat with uberpopular radio jocks Mark and Brian. They were engaged and engaging and it’s obvious why they are uberpopular and I heart them madly. If you’d like you can take a listen here.

The next day I taped two segments of Better TV that will air on 10/11. It should be noted that Audra and JD kick ass, and were so cute and funny off-camera I wanted to take them home with me. Should you be so inclined, you can find your local time in the drop-down menu on this page.

I am working on gathering up the rest of the clips. Stay tuned!