You guys might recall that the video trailer for my latest book was sponsored by a badass little product called Zestra.

I didn’t realize until yesterday that some people still don’t know what Zestra is.

There I am at Costco with my kids (which isn’t as godawful hellish as it sounds because I got them yogurt sundaes the size of their heads before we went in, plus they dig the free food samples) when I run into a male friend of ours. Not that it matters, but this friend happens to be single and smokin’ hot–and recently broke up with a dear friend of mine–a combined cocktail of facts that made the following exchange even more uncomfortable than it would have been otherwise.

Me: What’s up, Smokin’ Hot Single Friend?

Smokin’ Hot Single Friend: I’m going to Costa Rica tomorrow.

Me: Sweet!

SHSF: Yeah, I’m pretty psyched. Oh, hey, can I swing by your house and borrow some Zestra before I go?

Me: Um, sure, I guess. Or, you know, you can pick some up at CVS.

[To self: Really? You just broke up with my friend and you’re jetting off to Costa Rica to have amazing Zestra-sex with god-knows-what and you’re practically bragging about it? You’ve got balls, SHSF.]

SHSF: It’s not a prescription?

Me: Nope! You can get it right over the counter.

SHSF: And it works pretty well?

Me: Oh, yeah. It works really well.

SHSF: Does it help Joe, too?

Me: Well, you know what they say: Happy wife, happy life!

SHSF: And do you usually sleep through the night?

Me: (To self: Dude, WTF kind of question is that?) I guess sometimes I wake up. It’s not a miracle cure-all or anything. [*laughs riotously*]

SHSF: How do you feel in the morning?

Me [coming close so I can whisper the following and spare my children from this knowledge]: Zestra is a sexual enhancement oil. You know that, right?

SHSF: Oh. No. I thought it was a sleeping pill.

Me: Nope. Sexual enhancement oil.

SHSF: Oh. [Pause] But it works really well?

Me: I’m a big fan.

SHSF: Okay then. Good to know.

[Ten year pause with lots of furious head nodding on both sides.]

Me: I have some Benedryl you can borrow if you’d like. That shit knocks me right out.

SHSF: You know what? I think I’m good.

And then we went our separate ways, where I was laughing so hard that it was impossible to answer my kids’ repeated demands of what is so freaking funny???

Joe said I should have just played along and given him the Zestra to “help him sleep” on the plane. This is, of course, but one of the many reasons why I love my husband.