Me: You’re on the girls Sunday night because C got us tickets to Katy Perry! [giggles like schoolgirl]

DH: Really? [said with such disdain that the clearly unspoken follow-up is “Don’t you think you’re a little old to be going to a Katy Perry concert?”]

Me: What, are you saying I’m too old to go to a Katy Perry concert? [waiting for him to deny, look confused, backpedal]

DH: Well, yeah. Kinda.

What the hell? I’m only 35 39 42. It’s not like I’m piling Silly Bands onto my arms or half-shaving my head. Maybe I’m (re)living the teenage dream over here, but I love music and I love to dance and girls just wanna have fun!!!!!! I’m pretty sure there’s no age limit on that.

Is there?