On 11.11.11 I had one of the greatest honors of my life (blah blah blah marrying my amazing husband and birthing my beautiful children stories go here) when I took the stage at the fabulous TEDxAmericanRiviera event in Santa Barbara. At the risk of being arrested for TMI, if I’d had balls I would have sweat them right off on that stage.

(Seriously, it was profuse. And if I sound funny in the video it’s because my heart was beating so goddamned loudly in my own ears that I couldn’t hear myself talk. But did I mention how awesome it was?)

I joke because that’s what I do, but sharing the stage that day with the likes of Chris Orwig, Stefan Bucher, Matthew Kenney, Robert Gupta, Tom Snow and Peter Matthies was nothing short of humbling. And also clearly, hot.

Watch and enjoy and if you could, try to resist the horizontal-stripes and sweaty brow comments. (Dear God it was a Nigerian sauna up there, I swear it.) I’m proud of myself for getting up there and doing it and I hope you are, too.