UPDATED SEPTEMBER 30 (And sort of related: How can it be that tomorrow is October when it was just June and OMFG HOLIDAY SHOPPING!!!)

I have a bunch of fun things lined up–and some of them are radio, so you don’t even have to look at my face! (I know. Thank God.)

On Monday 10/3 I’ll be on the TODAY show chatting with Hoda and Khloe Kardashian (guest-hosting for Kathie Lee) at around 10:15 PST. If you’re in the Times Square area, feel free to pop by and wave through the window. If you hold up an I HEART JENNA sign, I will buy you lunch.

I have chosen my TODAY show wardrobe carefully, based on a complicated set of rules regarding the colors, shapes and patterns that look best on camera.

Right after the TODAY show, I have a phone interview with Ben & Matt from KNIX in Phoenix. Rumor has it (and by “rumor” I mean “I watched a video on their website where they admitted this”) that they are only having me on the show because Tim McGraw is also on TODAY that day and they are hoping I am able to cozy up to him in the Green Room. So if anyone can tell me what Tim McGraw looks like (I’m thinking cowboy hat?) I will keep my eye out for him.

On 10/4–the official launch day, even though I don’t really know what that means–I will be interviewed on the nationally syndicated Mancow Muller Show (side note: Cowman would be funnier) as well as the Mark & Brian Show. I do not have to put on heels or mascara for either of these interviews, so they are already my favorites.

On 10/5 I’ll be taping a segment of Better TV, which will air… sometime… somewhere. I need to get on that.

On 10/7, I’ll be in the Sirius XM Studios in New York for live interviews on Cosmo Radio’s “Wake up with Taylor” (8:10 am EST), “Morning Jolt” (8:35) and “Broadminded” (9:00). And “Broadminded” might just be the best show name ever.

On 11/11, I’ll be delivering what I hope is a riveting talk during the illustrious TEDxAmericanRiviera. (That is not a typo, and I sort of got spanked once for having actual spaces in there, so hopefully everyone’s happy with me now.)

On 11/16, I will be signing books at Chaucers Books in Santa Barbara from 7-9 PM. Please come. With snacks.

I’ll add more stuff as it comes up!