For a regular column in Baby Talk magazine, I am looking for moms willing to confess their imperfect parenting thoughts/actions. Examples in the past have been moms admitting they were upset upon learning the sex of their baby, moms who resent over-involved dads and moms who lie about their baby’s age (for various reasons–like to explain lingering pregnancy weight and such).

So… what’s your less-than-stellar mom moment? Do you occasionally nurse your newborn in a moving car? Mash up mac-and-cheese as an intro to solid food? Make up fake “appointments” so you can leave baby with dad and get some precious alone-time? I’m not looking for heinous crimes here (in fact, PLEASE don’t tell me if you leave your baby in the car while you go grocery shopping)… just your funny, or at least mostly-harmless mothering moves…

FYI: I’m looking for moms with kids under 18 months old to weigh in here.