I love strapless things and I always have. Growing up in the ’70s I had this romper in every color (including rainbow!). In fact, I once took a sewing class so that I could learn how to make more of them (true story).

They were not easy to make–all that damned elastic–but I made TWO.  Those were the only two things I ever sewed in my life. (And yes, I regret never mastering this womanly art AND ALSO QUITTING PIANO. Everyone in my life, you were right, okay?)

Anyway. Some people outgrow their childhood fashion fetishes. I guess I am not one of them. I still love strapless tops and dresses and have a rainbow of them (but no rainbow-print, FYI) and they’re one of my summer staples. In fact, I have not one but TWO in lemon-yellow. One that I probably will wear this summer, and this one with the GIANT BROWN STAIN ON THE FRONT SERIOUSLY WTF?

How did it get there? I have no idea! Might it come out in the wash? It very well might. Why haven’t I tried? Again, a mystery! But the bottom line is, I think one lemon-yellow tube top is enough for any girl’s wardrobe. Don’t you?


PS I will obviously try to wash it before donating/selling/keeping it for sleepwear!

PPS Just kidding! I won’t keep it for sleepwear, I promise. Just seeing if you were still paying attention.