Oh dear.

I’m already cringing at the famous-fashion-editor-friend backlash on this one, and the thing is, I’d be a liar if I told you this was the only top I bought in this particular style. You know the one: the front seems innocent and innocuous enough, with it’s fake-wraparound draping and deep V neck…

Just MEH.

But then you turn to the side and…

Just NO.

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? Who ever decided the back-tail was a good look–especially a COMPLETELY SHEER BACK TAIL that acts like a neon sign to highlight your muffin top and any back fat that spills out from beneath your bra? Why oh why did they make this, and WHY OH WHY did I buy it?

In My Defense, the one or possibly two times I wore this top, I tucked the back tail into my jeans, so it just sort of looked like a puffy fake wraparound tank top which if I’m not mistaken is still a hideous look.

At least it doesn’t have sequins, for Christ’s sake.