I knew when I started this project that I had a twenty-something day vacation coming up at the three-month mark. “No problem,” I lied to myself. “I’ll just write those posts in advance and schedule them!”

HAHAHAHAHA. I’m funny. 

Just so you know, it takes me well over an hour to select the day’s castoff, model and photograph it, upload said pix, berate myself for the stupid purchase in the first place and then pen the corresponding post. (Finding the perfect GIF can take another hour, but it’s not your fault I’m compulsive.) It turns out, I did not manage to find twenty-six or more spare hours while I was preparing for TWO graduations, shopping for stylish-yet-comfortable shoes*, juggling the endless balls of end-of-school-year bullshit, trying to earn a living and planning a three-plus-week European vacation.

So for the next three and a half weeks, you’ll have to live without snickering over my poor fashion choices as you enjoy your morning coffee. I feel bad about that, but not bad enough to give myself an ulcer or anything. You’ll still get 365 days of #FashionFails, it’s just going to take me a tiny bit more than a year to deliver them. As a consolation prize, I’d like to offer you photographic proof that I wasn’t lying when I said I had the tube top that matches the gay pride/Studio 54 hat.

You’re welcome. 


See you in July! 


PS Here’s my attempt to “photoshop” the two pieces together for your enjoyment. #Skillz


*Since my “comfy shoe” post on Facebook blew up like a two-liter Coke stuffed with Mentos, here’s how that went down: in addition to these Pumas, I also bought these sandals which are legit my favorite shoes I have ever owned.