For whatever it’s worth, when you text me something funny and I write back LOL, maybe five percent of the time am I laughing out loud in the literal sense.

But when I uploaded this photo I actually L’dOL

“Just cuz she dances go-go…” OMG BEST SONG EVER.

I’m hesitant to admit that this was another girls’ trip purchase (IT’S NOT THEIR FAULT, OKAY? I’m pretty unstoppable when I have a few margaritas in me I decide I want to buy something) but it was.

I can’t really recall when or where I thought I might ever wear this (My DWTS audition? New Year’s Eve*? The Hippodrome? New Year’s Eve at the Hippodrome?) but once again, it hasn’t happened. (A friend did borrow it for a costume party once, so at least she got my money’s worth.) Also I don’t remember the absurdly asymmetrical hem actually being a thing, but a Google search turns up a few more so maybe I was too early. Or too late. Or something.









*I think my last big New Year’s Eve out was Y2K (and if you’re too young to remember that, you have no business reading this blog).

THANKS TO MY FRIEND VICKY AND HER “HALLOWEEN TUB” SUGGESTION, I don’t have to give this one away! But it does have to go in the basement, in the tub, where I will not be tempted/mocked by it on a daily basis. So yay!


PS True story: In the late ’70s my sister and I took disco lessons from a guy named Clark Winchester. I will never forget him. Clark wore skin-tight, pale blue polyester pants and moved like Travolta and now I want to take disco lessons again and wear this top THIS MIGHT BE A CRY FOR HELP.