You know how I told you about the top I have in five different colors, the one that’s unequivocally me? 

Who wore it better? (THAT’S A RHETORICAL QUESTION.)

This is not that top. But that top explains why I have tops like this one, which is basically because I’ll go shopping and say to myself “You need to branch out! Try something different! Step out on the edge a little!” (The very same logic also explains this thing.)

Let’s look at some hard stats about this top:

Years owned: Guessing 10.

Times worn: Once. Under a jacket.

Instantly reminds me of: Indecent Proposal, the movie.


I have no sentimental attachment to this top. I don’t love it, hate it, or wear it and I can’t foresee ever waking up and thinking to myself, You know what I want to wear today? That awkward brown strapless-not-strapless Indecent Proposal neck-wrap top!