Other than in nature and inside my wallet, I’m not a fan of the color green. In fact, if you stopped me on the street and said, “Quick! What’s your least favorite color?” without even thinking I’d shout “GREEN!” When I see someone driving a green car I wonder, Was it a gift? Was a bear chasing you and you needed a getaway car and that was the only one on the lot and you didn’t have a choice? I mean, if you could have picked any other color, you WOULD have, right? 

But then I remember that I once walked into a store and decided to trade actual money that I worked to earn for this hat, and I feel bad for all the unkind things I ever thought about green-car drivers.

Why you gotta be so green?

Where am I wearing this? What am I wearing this with? (Actually, in addition to the green jeans and the green dress and the green sandals I’ve already purged, you should see how many more green things I have to feature here, even though I mostly despise the color, except chartreuse which I adore for some reason.) I guess I *could* save it in the Halloween tub. You know, in case anyone ever wants to dress up as the Jolly Green Giant or a leprechaun or a colorblind biker.

If you ever want to borrow it, let me know!