My husband and I celebrated our first anniversary with a month-long trip to Europe. (HAHAHA remember when you didn’t have kids and you could do shit like that for your anniversary? Now you’re lucky if you get an early bird dinner in an actual restaurant between carpooling kids to volleyball. But as always, I digress.) And I don’t know if you guys know this, but I love shopping. You also might be shocked to learn that I still have several of the purchases I made on that seventeen-years-ago trip, including gaudy silver sandals I scored in Paris (coming soon!), a bowling-style bag I found in Dublin and this sweatshirt I picked up in London.

Actually, it’s “Est. 69” but whatever.

I was thirty-one years old on that trip, and I don’t even think it occurred to me at the time that the “Est. 82” on the front of this thing was meant to be some sort of “best by” date. THIS SWEATSHIRT WAS BEST BY EIGHTEEN, you guys, and I was thirty-one when I bought it. I’m about to turn forty-eight. My bunions were “Est. 82.” Also the zipper is not only visibly misshapen but long broken. (“I’ll just wear it around the house!” I cried at the time. And in my defense, I DID.)

I loved the hell out of this thing. I will miss it terribly. We’ll always have our memories.  


P.S. I won’t lie, that one stung.