I think it’s important to say right up front that I like to dress up as Madonna whenever possible.

Your ’80s blowout? I’m coming as Madonna. Halloween? Madonna. Come as you are party? In all likelihood, Madonna. Case(s) in point–and yes, I own the BOY TOY belt and all of the jewels:

Me as Madonna

Madonna as Madonna

Me as Madonna (again)

















My Material Girl fantasies may or may not have been what led me to buy these lace-trimmed pedal-pushers, but I’ll go ahead and point out I did not wear these ever when dressing up, in costume, as Madonna. No people, I wore these out as everyday-wear. In fact, it didn’t even occur to me to wear them as part of any particular Madge-getup. I purchased these AFTER HAVING CHILDREN, let me add. And held onto them until now. 

Just expressing myself over here.

You can’t really see the lacy trim at the bottom, but trust me it’s there. I guess I’ll save them in the Halloween tub, in case one of my kids ever wants to dress up as me dressing up as Madonna. It might happen. Also now I really want to have an ’80s party.

Who’s in?