I like scarves a lot. When you’re a solid-staple-girl like me, a fun scarf (like a hat but probably not this green one) can instantly give a classic but otherwise boring outfit a boost. Because of this I have lots of them: chunky knit ones and buttery faux fur ones and several summery pompom trimmed models and even one cherry-red, real rabbit fur wrap that I got as a gift and feel slightly guilty wearing but if I don’t then those poor bunnies would have died in vain so I wear it and pray nobody dumps paint over my head.

Anywhere, in the midst of the clusterfuck that is the scarf section of my closet I found this thing. And at the risk of losing all credibility with you people (or causing my family to legit worry about my mental state), I have absolutely no idea where it came from.

All that glitters…

I’ve never worn it that I can recall, and while it looks… not altogether horrifying I suppose with this particular outfit (which I happened to be wearing–I didn’t try to set a stage for it or anything), I just think it would be happier on someone other than me. Someone who wears Chicos and Brighton and Cabi am I right? 


I think I am.