Way back on Day 5 of this little adventure, I had a little come-to-Jesus with myself about age-appropriate dressing. Then just this past week I realized my beloved London sweatshirt was meant to be worn by someone roughly 1/3 of my age. Still, I’m on the fence about this Joe’s Jeans micro-mini.

I sort of love this skirt. It’s made out of this waxy silver denim that’s crazy soft and sits six inches beneath my bellybutton the way I like a skirt to sit and if I didn’t have children to humiliate I would probably wear it without giving it another thought. But I love my kids a lot, and even though I’d love to sock-it-to-’em like Barbara Eden in Harper Valley PTA*, if my mom had been walking around wearing a silver miniskirt when I was in junior high I would have followed through on one of my many threats to run away.

One of my very first running-away-from-home notes. It killed me to use my GOOD DENIM STATIONERY, but it had to be done.

Therefore, this one has to go. [*Scratches mom wore silver micro-miniskirts off Reasons My Kids Will Need Therapy list*]


*This was literally my favorite movie as a kid OMG I AM SO OLD.