If I had to describe my personal style, I guess I’d call it Anything but Preppy. I adore over-the-knee boots, swoon over leather leggings, and nothing makes me giddier than piling on six or seven obnoxiously sparkly necklaces. I was the only seventh grader in my class who didn’t carry a wooden-handled Pappagallo purse, and if you ever see a sweater tied around my neck FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GET IT OFF, I’M BEING STRANGLED OVER HERE. I *do* own one Lily Pulitzer dress, but in my defense* I bought it for a speech I gave in Palm Beach, and I’ve worn it exactly once.

All of which does nothing whatsoever to explain this Lacoste top.

The only half-assed excuse I’ve got is that it’s my favorite shade of my favorite color. Other than that, the sleeves are too short (although in its defense do have gorilla arms) and the little alligator seems strangely high (although I suppose if it were lower there could be issues involving eye contact). Like the other blue dress, it’s not awful… it’s just not something I’m going to put on and go “Guess what, Today? I’m making you my bitch.” 

Pretty sure my sister wants this one (she can pull off preppy and also did not get freakishly long arms or feet BUT I STILL LOVE HER).



*In My Defense *will* be the title of a future book