I grew up on a steady diet of Charlie’s Angels, and if I took anything from those many, many hours in front of the tube besides the realization that I was cursed with Kate Jackson hair when I all I wanted was Farrah’s, it was the fact that jumpsuits are hot.

Well, except the part where you have to get full monty naked to pee and also keep the thing from puddling around your feet which is no easy task, especially when you’re in a public restroom and you’ve had a few cocktails, but I digress. Logistics aside, a jumpsuit is fashionable and versatile! It’s modern and retro at the same time! It’s one-stop dressing! It’s basically is a mullet-dress: party on top, business on the bottom.

But, you know, hot.

Anyway, I have a few of them and I actually wear them with surprising regularity. All of them but one.

I almost didn’t include it in this giveaway series, because it really is the softest thing you’ve ever felt in your life. “I’ll just keep it for pajamas!” I tried telling myself, but honestly that particular drawer is as bad as my closet. Also it has so much heavy, drapey material I’d likely get all twisted up in the thing in the middle of the night and have a hot-flash induced panic attack, plus there’s the tiny matter of WHO THE HELL WEARS AN ORANGE STRAPLESS JUMPSUIT TO BED? 

Also I’m really bad at Spanx, and while I’m sure they make something you could wear under this thing that would be “invisible,” I do not own it, nor do I have the patience to hunt it down. As it is, if I accidentally wore any undergarments I do own on the outside of this jumpsuit, I don’t think they’d be that much more obvious.

So out it goes. Probably*.


*I might try sleeping in it once. It’s not a crime.