I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’m not exactly sporty and outdoorsy by nature. This worked out pretty well for me when I lived in New York City, but when I moved to California I quickly realized I was going to have to at least try to change that. So I bought a fancy mountain bike and some hiking boots and I signed up for tennis lessons (a sport I admit I chose because I liked the outfits the best) and I did my best to fake it.

(My extremely sporty husband calls this the world’s biggest bait-and-switch, but whatever. He’s mine now HAHAHAHAHA.)

I actually got pretty good at tennis (I might have been great if that damned net didn’t keep getting in the way WHOSE IDEA WAS THAT ANYWAY?). But then my partner moved away DAMN YOU PERNILLE and a series of injuries left me on the sidelines and blah blah blah a bunch of excuses and now I haven’t played in years.

And here’s the thing: I really will play again. And for that reason, I’m not going to part with the dozen-or-more microskirts I still own (and have no business wearing anywhere but on a tennis court).

This visor, however, is another story.

It’s sad and faded and grossly misshapen, which suggests I must have worn it hundreds of times or more. The part I question is WHY? Why a visor and not a hat (because if you’ll recall I love me some hats)? I DO NOT LIKE VISORS you guys. Why did I hang onto it this long, through countless “mini purges” over the years? Maybe seeing it in there made me feel like I was at least a little bit sporty and outdoorsy. Why do I look like a pinhead in visors anyway? These are rhetorical questions I do not know the answers to, but the point is it’s definitely not surviving this time.

There really is a GIF for every occasion.

See you on the courts! (I’ll be the sporty old lady in the too-short hot pink tennis skirt.)