I won’t lie, I go through a lot of phases.

There was the bedazzled, whip-stitched jeans phase; the totally tiger-rific Ed Hardy phase; and of course, the ongoing sequin phase.

But for a while there, I was all about vests. Not like Annie Hall pinstripe-suit vests; I’m talking strictly casual-wear here. I had fringed ones and fleecy ones; denim and down. But my favorites by far were the faux fur ones.

Who wants to cuddle?

This one was a flop from day one. Aside from the fact that it’s made from that minky baby-blanket fabric that makes you want to crawl into bed with it and cuddle it to death, it’s short and tight and OH MY GOD DO I EVEN NEED TO POINT OUT EVERYTHING THAT’S WRONG WITH IT?

For the record, I never wore it even once the way you’re seeing it here, with nothing but a skirt and a smile. It’s just hot today and I didn’t have the energy to put on long-sleeves and model it properly. But trust me, it’s equally as awful.