Painting --- Image by © Image Source/Corbis

How Paint-by-Numbers Almost Ruined Me

(Unearthing Your Inner Creative Genius)

As a kid, every picture I drew was virtually the same: quarter-sun in the top right corner with alternating long/short rays emanating from it; bushy apple tree to the left (Squirrel hole, even though I’d never actually seen one in real life? Check!), an even number of seagulls cruising lazily in front of a smattering of identical, puffy clouds. Never once was the tree, say, purple… or did a winged toaster replace one of the gulls. It took me forty-something years to understand that the key to creativity is doing something different. This inspiring, side-splitting talk will detail why you should let yourself color outside of the goddamned lines, how to do it and most importantly, what will happen if you do. Insights include:

  •         How schools are crippling our kids’ imaginations (and what we can do about it without getting arrested)
  •         Why negativity and judgment are the kryptonite to creativity’s superpowers
  •         Identifying and nurturing your unique artistic genius
  •         Why brainstorming is your new-best-creative-friend
  •         How meditation (of all things) can give you a serious creativity-boost
  •         Finding the elusive muse when that bitch goes MIA
  •         Why scheduling time for creativity only sounds counter-intuitive
  •         Understanding the difference between creativity and art (Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. Thank you Scott Adams.)
  •         So much more you’d be here all damned day if I included it!