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I Think This Seesaw Is Broken

(Achieving Work-Life Balance)

You hear people talk about work-life balance all the time, but what does the phrase really mean? On one hand, you’ve got your spiritual gurus insisting you should “live each day as if it’s your last”… which is profoundly beautiful in theory, except the part where if we actually did that, nobody would pay property taxes, get their teeth cleaned or show up for work ever again. The cold reality is that most of us have to work, and most of us also would like to enjoy our lives. This wry, eye-opening talk details precisely how you can do both. Points covered include:

  •         Why the secret to work-life balance is to do LESS, not more
  •         What your boss knows that you don’t—that could change your life
  •         Why striving for “integration” is the superior (and more achievable) goal
  •         The sticky note solution
  •         How NOT to engage with all of the time and energy sucking people/things in your life
  •         Scheduling sex, fun and more: getting to know (and love) your calendar
  •         The irony of “I don’t have time to exercise”
  •         It’s time to decide who’s the boss: you or your cell phone
  •         The simple, one-word secret to finally finding that elusive bitch known as “balance”
  •         More, more and more!