17 Nov 2014, Cape Town, South Africa --- Family jumping in the air on a mountain hiking trail --- Image by © Graham Oliver/Juice Images/Corbis

It Ain’t About the Money, Honey

(The Truth about Happiness and How to Finally Find It)

The myth: “I’ll be happy when [insert weight loss/finance/romance/career goal here.” The reality: Happiness is the journey, not the destination. In fact, thanks something known as hedonic adaptation, scientists have discovered that the average bliss-boost from any external source is about ninety days; after that, we go immediately back to our pre-score levels of happiness. Conversely and fortuitously, the same is true of misfortune. (Sound like bullshit? Consider a now-famous study found that after devastating accidents that confine people to wheelchairs for life, paraplegics return to pre-catastrophe levels of happiness within a year. THINK ABOUT THAT.) Want more joy in your life? This talk is for you.

  •         Why happiness levels tend to plummet in midlife (crisis, anyone?) and what you can do to turn the tide
  •         The one thing you can do right now—and every single day—to dramatically improve your outlook on life
  •         Why Facebook is a misery-maker in disguise and what you can do about it
  •         The truth about going to bed angry (it’s not what you think)
  •         Why a good plan today really is better (and makes you happier) than a perfect plan tomorrow
  •         The bottom line on the mysterious “happiness set point”
  •         Why you need to stop what you are doing this minute and EAT SOME CHOCOLATE
  •         The critical difference between fun and happiness (they are NOT the same thing)
  •         How to finally and fully grasp the reality that happiness is a choice—and learn how to make it
  •         The secret power of “flow” and how to harness it for mind-blowing joy (really)
  •         Gobs more!