17 Apr 2014 --- Businessman with box on head holding megaphone --- Image by © Wavebreak Media LTD/Wavebreak Media Ltd./Corbis

Can We Talk? Obviously Not.

(The Secret to Effective Communication)

Researchers have spent several decades and countless dollars to come to a shocking conclusion: Whether it’s nature, nurture, programming or perception matters not; human beings suck at communicating. This lively, engaging lecture will illuminate important gender differences in the way we exchange information, and offer practical tips for getting your goddamned message across to your kids, coworkers, boss and even someone who wants to have sex with you, without any head-spinning. Talking points include:

  •         Why announcing the need to talk immediately turns whatever you have to say into an attack
  •         The simple, stealth secret to motivating and persuading someone to do what you want without he or she even knowing what hit them
  •         How to learn to read nonverbal cues like a boss, which is crucial since 90% of communication is conveyed through body language and not words
  •         The effective use of stall tactics to get your way
  •         Why you should always remember never to use the words ALWAYS and NEVER. Seriously.
  •         How to instantly make people like you and be more receptive to your message
  •         Why “less is more” is never more important than when you’re in a dispute
  •         The critical difference between communicating to be understood and to NOT be misunderstood
  •         How to stop hiding behind email/text/electronic communication and unleash your far more powerful IN PERSON persuader
  •         Tons more!